The Visual Arts Department goal is to create a safe and caring environment where students can develop a love of art through hands on experiences. They will develop basic concepts of artistic expression on the elements and principles of art. Develop a growing appreciation of the artist, works of art and development of the arts in the community and school.

Visual Arts Faculty

Course Offerings

  • Animation
  • Traditional Animation
  • Computer Animation 
  • Advanced Art 
  • 3-D Art
  • Photo 1
  • Photo 2
  • Ceramics 1
  • Ceramics 2
  • AP Studio Art

Annual Events

  • “Art of Dairy” Competition – October/NovemberAnimationFest – Fall
  • Regional Art Show for Elementary Schools in conjunction with the Shakespeare Fest
  • Yearly Art Display in conjunction with the Spring Choir Concert
  • “Art of Discovery” – Art Contest for Representative Adam Schiff
  • Burbank Kiwanis – “Pause for the Pledge of Allegiance Art Contest”
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