Echoes | The 2018/2019 Season

This year, Providence High Arts and DiscoveryOnstage present the season of ECHOES, a series of shows where voices and ideas reverberate further than they ever could by themselves. Join us in our tribute to Broadway’s greatest, in nine stories about love and loss, and in a celebration of the winter season. Then as we venture into the spring, witness the collaboration between cinema and theatre, the power of young voices in the big city of New York, and the pinnacle of our season in one final, joyous celebration.

What’s Next:

Artwork by Katharine Terbush


February 16 | 7:00pm

An on-set experience featuring scenes from critically acclaimed TV series and movies, showcasing first-year Theatre and Cinema Arts students.

Coming Up:


March 21 – 30


May 11 – 12
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