Theatre Arts Mission

Providence High Arts Theatre Arts, developed and maintained by DiscoveryOnstage®, is designed to provide for participating high school students a professional level theatrical experience with heavy focus on discipline, technique, and personal development. Through mentorship, class work and performances, students develop the skills necessary for pursuing a career in the arts, gain a greater sense of self-awareness and self-confidence, and further life skills such as imaginative thinking, team building and leadership. The Providence High Arts Theatre Arts Department is premised on the belief that the theatre provides a unique and unparalleled educational opportunity critical to all students no matter their interest or career goal.

Musical Arts Mission

Providence High Arts Musical Arts offers a variety of performing ensembles to meet the needs of all students interested in music. Each ensemble caters to the specific strengths of each student with regard to their musical ability. All ensembles offer performance opportunities and focus on expanding the student’s knowledge and use of music theory, music history, sight-reading methods, vocal techniques, and musical expression. In addition to developing individual musical strengths, each group is designed to teach self-discipline and commitment while working together toward a common goal of excellence and fostering an appreciation of choral and instrumental music.

Performing Arts Faculty

Course Offerings

  • Beginning Choir (Choir 1)
  • Instrumental Music I
  • Drama I
  • Intermediate Choir (Choir 2)
  • Advanced Drama Performance
  • Advanced Choir (Choir 3 and 4)
  • Theatre Production
  • Men’s Ensemble
  • Women’s Ensemble
  • Drama Performance Extension
  • Instrumental Music Extension

Annual Events

  • Broadway Revue
  • Fall Drama/Comedy
  • Holiday Concert at Burbank’s St. Finbar Church
  • CETA Festival of Plays Competition
  • Mount San Antonio College Choral Invitational
  • Heritage Festival (various locations throughout the U.S.)
  • DTASC Shakespeare Competition
  • Disneyland Music in the Parks Festival
  • Spring Musical
  • Southern California Vocal Association Festivals
  • Theatre for Social Change Outreach Performance
  • Glendale A Cappella Scholarship Festival
  • High Arts Finale & Awards Night (featuring modern music and scenes from Shakespeare and/or American Classics)
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