Imagination Up Productions

What is iUp?

Imagination Up Productions (iUp) is a full service production company specializing in content, both scripted and documentary, that illuminates the power of the creative process and its impact on those who dare to engage in it. Whether exploring the experience of a high-school student discovering the arts for the very first time, animating a character’s journey born out of a child’s imagination or spotlighting enterprising innovation in an organization’s development process, iUp celebrates bravery, encourages possibility and inspires action.

What iUp Productions brings to Providence High Arts…



With partners who share a deep affinity for the arts and the value of the creative process, iUp Productions enhances the Providence brand by creating and distributing film, television and web content consistent with the vision and values of the school.



iUp, an active production company made up of professional writers, producers, directors, actors, development executives and educators, brings years of industry experience and a bevy of performance & production opportunity to Providence High Artists.




iUp Productions produces highly impactful, professional-grade promotional, documentary and scripted content in line with the vision and values of Providence High Arts. Additionally, iUp possesses the expertise and infrastructure needed to expand Providence’s reach to a wider audience.


Projects Underway…

The Pilot Project

iUp’s first project will come in the form of The Pilot Project produced in partnership with DiscoveryOnstage and Providence High Arts. If you are of age 14 to 19 and are interested in helping us write, perform, produce and pitch our very first television pilot, apply to be a part of our team now!  Follow the link below for information and application.

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