Providence High Arts Cinema Arts Department aims to, above all else, empower and inspire students to tell great stories that emotionally impact their audiences. Through an in-depth, hands-on curriculum that encompasses all aspects of professional filmmaking from Post-Production Editing, VFX, Sound Design, Directing, and Studio Production, students gain inside access to the ever-evolving world of the entertainment industry in hopes of preparing them for next steps. Whether or not students choose to pursue a career in the filmmaking industry, the hope of the Cinema Arts Department is that students leave having cultivated life skills such as organization, communication, imaginative thinking, and team building.

Cinema Arts Faculty

Course Offering

  • Introduction to Cinema Arts – Part I (9th) 1st Semester 
  • Introduction to Cinema Arts – Part II (10th) 2nd Semester 
  • Moving Image Art – Full year
  • Introduction to writing and directing for TV and Film (12th) 2nd Semester
  • Advanced Writing and Directing for TV and Film (12th) 2nd Semester
  • Digital Broadcast Journalism (11th & 12th) Full-year – Open to Cinema Arts Focus and non-Cinema Arts Focus Students

Annual Events

  • Providence Media Showcase Awards
  • PresentationHarvard Westlake Film Festival competition
  • Los Angeles Student Film Festival competition
  • Notre Dame High School Film Festival competition
  • Santa Monica High School Film Festival competition
  • SoCal Student Film Festival competition
  • South Bay Student Video Festival competition
  • Kids & Teen Filmmaker Festival competition
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