Out of the Shadows | The 2016/2017 Season

Whether pursuing self-acceptance, mustering the courage to step into the spotlight, or daring to discover truth amidst chaos, Providence High Arts’ season of unique and engaging performances will illuminate the spirit and inspire the soul. Let us be your guides on a journey filled with theatre, song, and dance, as we ascend together out of the shadows and into the light.

High Arts Finale & Awards

May 6 | 6:30pm
Historic Alex Theatre | Glendale

Presented at Glendale’s historic Alex Theatre, this is a night of celebration featuring contemporary music & dance, evocative visual art and scenes from the world’s most prolific playwright William Shakespeare.

15 Minute Hamlet
(Performance Extension Showcase)

May 6 | 6:30pm
Historic Alex Theatre | Glendale

Taking the most famous and best loved lines from Shakespeare’s famous play, playwright Tom Stoppard condenses the epic drama  into a hilarious thirteen minute romp. As if that weren’t enough, this miraculous feat is then followed by a two minute encore!

The Crucible

November 11, 12, 17 – 19 | 7pm
High Arts Theatre | Burbank

Set in 17th century Salem, Massachusetts, this American classic based on historical events is a timeless tale of truth on trial.

Broadway Revue

October 7 | 6:00pm & 8:30pm
High Arts Theatre | Burbank

This fundraiser performance features Music & Scenes from some of Broadway’s most popular musicals. Proceeds will aid Choral students in participating in a national Choir competition.

Under Winter Moon

December 5 | 6:30pm
Saint Finbar Church | Burbank

A Choral & Instrumental concert featuring the holiday’s most cherished tunes, presented at Burbank’s elegant Saint Finbar Church.

The Addams Family

March 16, 17, 18, 23, 24 | 7pm
March 26th | 2pm
High Arts Theatre | Burbank

A musical comedy featuring America’s quirkiest family, The Addams Family is a tale of love, acceptance, and maturation. 

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